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Medication Assisted Therapy in Johannesburg

Medication Assisted Therapy in Johannesburg

Medication Assisted Therapy

Are you tired of repeated rehab failure? Have you tried non-addictive medication-assisted therapy? Substance dependence is a chronic, difficult, but treatable disorder. As with other chronic conditions, such as heart disease, it can be controlled under the supervision of a skilled clinician, with a number of individualised addiction treatment techniques available.  As with other mental health disorders, addiction treatment typically requires psychotherapy, in which individuals acquire new cognitive patterns to interrupt the cycle of substance abuse.

For certain forms of substance use disorders, a combination of behavioral therapy and medication-assisted therapy in Johannesburg may be used as a treatment modality.  Numerous individuals are aided in their efforts to abstain from alcohol or opioids by medication-assisted therapy.

What Are Medication Treatments for Addiction?

It is essential to recognise that addiction, often known as a substance use problem, is a medical sickness or disease, comparable to asthma or diabetes.

These diseases, including substance use disorders, are all chronic, i.e., they are long-lasting and incurable. Nevertheless, individuals can be stabilised and experience remission of symptoms via the use of medicinal therapies. There is also the possibility of relapse, in which the disease’s symptoms resurface.

Integrative Therapies in Rehab

Research demonstrates that combining several therapies and utilising a variety of methodologies is advantageous and that there is no single therapy approach that is effective and appropriate for all individuals.

Integrative therapy integrates a number of treatment modalities, modalities, and techniques to fulfill the specific needs of each individual.

Effective treatment strategies must take into account the particular requirements and circumstances of each individual.

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