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Court Ordered Rehab

Court Ordered Rehab | What happens if I do not go?

Court Ordered Rehab

A court-ordered rehab programme is an alternative type of punishment for those convicted of a drug-related offence. If a person is sentenced to drug and alcohol rehab instead of jail, the judge believes that the individual will benefit more from treatment than from incarceration. This is frequently the case with nonviolent, first-time offenders, as incarceration is more costly and less beneficial.

Court-ordered Rehab Benefits

Accused criminals can benefit significantly from court-ordered drug rehabilitation. It provides these individuals with a safe and supportive environment in which they can remain sober while addressing the psychological aspects of their addiction and any associated problems, such as depression or PTSD. It also provides critical relapse prevention techniques and peer support.

Consequences of Violating Court-Ordered Rehab

A person may choose to break a court-ordered treatment term if he or she is sentenced to rehab. This occurs most frequently when an individual refuses to participate in treatment or stops attending treatment before completing the needed programming. A person’s sentence may also be violated by drug possession, drug sales, or multiple relapses.

The person’s consequences will be determined completely by the judge’s decision. Since criminal offenders typically consent to court-ordered rehabilitation in exchange for jail time and hefty fines, a violation may result in immediate imprisonment, big fines, and/or an increase in the length of the sentence.

What is the success rate of those who complete rehabilitation?

Between 85% and 95% of individuals who successfully finish drug rehabilitation report remaining drug-free nine months following release. Approximately 80% of patients report improved quality of life and health after finishing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one has been ordered to treatment by the court, this is an excellent opportunity to make a lasting change. Call ARCA Rehab today to learn more about our long-term rehabilitation services.