Drug treatment near me

When looking for drug treatment near me, you will find many rehabs in your area. ARCA is situated in the affluent suburb of Sandton and close to all amenities and in a safe and professional environment.

 Going into rehab can be quiet overwhelming for the patient and their families. We do our best to make the process a pleasant experience. ARCA is a place of healing and hope for all types of addicts from all walks of life.

Treatment Process at ARCA

Assessment/consultation – The treatment process at ARCA is specifically designed to address all aspects of addiction. The intake process may seem lengthy,  but it is beneficial for a successful recovery in the long run. During an assessment our medical staff will see where the patient is at by asking the following questions:

  • What is your drug of choice?
  • How long have you been using your drug of choice?
  • Is this your first time at rehab?
  • Are you on any prescribed medication?
  • Do you have any chronic illnesses?
  • Are you currently employed?
  • Are there any other people in your family who suffer from addiction?

Paperwork – You will also be asked to provide the necessary information and paperwork, such as:

  • Medical aid coverage
  • Copy of ID
  • Letters from doctors for prescription medication or disabilities – if any.

 Medical Detox – Withdrawal from substance abuse is a personal journey and the correct support is vital. ARCA offers medicine assisted therapy (M.A.T) along with behavioral therapy to assist with a healthy and successful early recovery. It is vital to remove all toxins out of the body first before recovery can commence. The medication used has proven results and prevents craving and relapses.

Dr Naidoo is the founder of A.R.C.A. in South Africa. He is the Medical Director for A.R.C.A. Durban and Johannesburg. Dr Naidoo has accumulated vast clinical knowledge and expertise in the field of substance abuse, as well as family medicine, diabetes management systems and occupational health.

He established A.R.C.A. Durban in 2007 at Westridge Medical Centre. As a forerunner of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in South Africa, Dr Naidoo piloted a unique approach to substance abuse treatment through medical detoxification and the use of Naltrexone. Whilst A.R.C.A has seen many changes since then, including A.R.C.A. Durban’s relocation to Glenwood and the establishment of A.R.C.A Johannesburg, the organisation has flourished to serve individuals, families and communities across the country.

His responsibilities include:

Serving as the head of all medical personnel within A.R.C.A.
Designing and establishing protocols for safe, effective and manageable medical detoxification.
Actively engaging in substance abuse education within the medical and general communities.

For more information about the rehab intake procedure, feel  get into contact with one of our team of professional addiction therapists at  INFO@ARCAJHB.COM

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Drug treatment near me