Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Alcohol rehabilitation treatment is available in South Africa. Alcohol rehabilitation is needed by thousands of South Africans, but many do not acknowledge that they need it. The disease of alcoholism has disturbing facts and figures worldwide and it is socially acceptable.

Alcohol addiction does not discriminate and affects high-income as well as low-income South Africans. Alcoholics who earn a high income may be functioning citizens in society but the healthcare costs that come with it as well as the road accident costs affect everyone.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Benefits

• Medical Detox – when the patient ceases the alcohol consumption, there will be severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are made worse by underlying mental and physical issues. Detox from alcohol is deadly and requires medical detox in an alcohol rehabilitation center. At ARCA, a professional alcohol rehabilitation treatment program is available to provide alleviation of symptoms and 24/7 medical care by qualified nursing staff.

• Safety – our patients can experience both physical and mental healing within a safe environment. We do our best to ensure that our patients receive professional support for unexpected health issues (which are common in the recovery process).

• Relapse Prevention – Relapse prevention skills are vital for a happy sober existence in recovery. Our patients learn to live life one day at a time with the best recovery tools. If the patient takes our suggestions and acts on them, they can live a life beyond what they ever imagined. Recovery is a process and not everyone experiences the same results. Each patient is different and some may need after-care within a halfway house or outpatient program to prevent relapse triggers early in recovery.

• Intensive Therapy – at ARCA we offer more than just medical care, we provide therapeutic support that helps guide the patient through treatment and prepare them for life after rehab. Holistic therapies such as group therapy, motivational coaching, and alternative healing work together to ensure a successful recovery journey.

• Peer Support – many patients in rehab will admit that this is one of the biggest parts of recovery success. When you hear others’ experiences and feelings, you are more open to trusting and confiding with someone who “gets it”. There is no judgment and each person in rehab is taught humility and understanding and to see the similarities in each other and not the differences.

• Family Support – the family of addicts will benefit from the support too. After all, it is a family dis-ease as the entire family feels the effects of the addiction too. The family needs just as much therapy as the addicted loved one. It is vital that families learn about the healthy boundaries that need to be set within the home.

If you or a family member is suffering from the disease of alcoholism, get in touch with ARCA rehab and learn more about our inpatient alcohol treatment and relapse prevention tools today.

Contact ARCA JHB alcohol rehab to find out about our programs.

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