There are many myths about rehab that people believe and it is preventing them from seeking help. Our country is flooded with marijuana, alcohol and illicit drug addictions. This is a time when we need to dispel the myths about rehab and start speaking out. ARCA is a rehab in Gauteng that has first-hand experience with the facts and myths about rehab. Here we list a few myths about rehab:

 Myth #1. You Can Stop On Your Own

Addiction is a chronic brain disease. And just like any other disease, professional medical treatment is required. Anyone who has attempted to go “cold turkey” will tell you that it always led to relapse. If you were fortunate enough to make it through cold turkey, you still have the addict behavior that hasn’t been dealt with. Addiction is not just about the use of drugs and alcohol. Addiction is about the thought patterns and emotions that cause substance abuse. No one grows up saying they would like to be addicted to drugs and alcohol someday. It is not a choice to be an addict. Some people can successfully try drugs and alcohol and not get addicted, but someone with the disease of addiction will become addicted.

Myth #2. An Addict Must Be Willing To Go To Rehab

If you believe that an addict will only get help if it is their choice – you are wrong. There are very few people with addictions that truly choose to get help, even when they know they need it. Most patients in rehab were either forced into treatment through court order or their families or employees staged an intervention and they were given an ultimatum. Unfortunately, none of us admit to mistakes so easily and we all need a little nudge in the right direction. People who are addicted cannot make healthy decisions for themselves, if they could they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in. Do not wait for rock bottom to happen before you decide an addicted loved one is ready. Drug and alcohol abuse does kill and sadly many do not get to see their “rock bottom”. Get Help Today!

MYTH #3. 

All rehabs do the same treatment. This is not true. There are many different types of treatment centers with different approaches. ARCA has found an effective holistic treatment through case studies and experiences over the years. We are openminded about breakthroughs such as anti-craving medications and therapies. We keep up to date as we believe that the world of drug addiction is evolving and so should our treatment approaches.

Myth #4. People Who Keep Relapsing Are Hopeless Cases

This is a myth that is so very damaging and proves there are many misconceptions about addiction. Many will say:

“they keep choosing to get high or drunk”

The truth is that addiction is a mental disease that exhibits compulsive behavior to abuse drugs and alcohol.

For more information about addiction, contact ARCA rehab in Gauteng or KZN today.

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