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Drug Overdose Rates are Higher Over December

Drug Overdose Rates are Higher Over December

Drug Overdose Rates

Many people find great joy and contentment throughout the holiday season, but for others, this time of year may be quite stressful. When dealing with difficult emotions, most people can find healthy ways to cope; however, those who are still in the process of recovery from substance abuse have a more difficult time doing so.

There are a number of reasons that contribute to the seasonal uptick in drug overdoses. Drug usage is more prevalent now that there are so many ways to party. Another method people try to deal with the increased levels of stress during the holiday season is through substance abuse.

Can I Overdose on Alcohol?

Drinking too much alcohol too quickly can cause alcohol poisoning, which can be fatal in extreme cases. Rapid ingestion of large quantities of liquid can have serious consequences, including the suppression of vital functions like respiration, heart rate, temperature regulation, and the gag reflex, as well as the development of coma and death.

Reach Out for Help

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for holiday anxiety. Addiction recovery is a challenging process, and loved ones should be understanding and helpful throughout. Family members can lend a hand to a loved one in recovery by refraining from bringing alcohol into the home, taking on fewer obligations themselves, or even taking on holiday-related chores.

Yet this may still not be adequate for certain people. Seeking in-patient care might be the best course of action right now. Recovering alcoholics and addicts can benefit from this treatment since it prepares them to face seasonal challenges. Programs like these offer a secure setting where folks in recovery can feel comfortable opening up and getting the expert guidance they need to avoid relapse.

Overdosing is more likely the more frequently you take substances. Stopping drug or alcohol use immediately is the most effective approach to prevent overdosing. Do not hesitate to call ARCA Rehabs if you are concerned about your substance abuse and drug overdose. We’re pleased to evaluate your situation in confidence and provide you with a treatment plan that’s tailored to your unique requirements based on the best available scientific data.

Stay Sober During the Silly Season

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