Will Medical Aid Cover Drug Rehab?

Will Medical Aid Cover Drug Rehab?

Will medical aid cover drug rehab? Everyone in South Africa, regardless of ethnicity, education level, or family background, is at risk of substance abuse and addiction. Rehab for alcohol and other drugs is needed, but it is expensive. A private or semi-private rehabilitation programme would cost a lot, and state facilities are already overwhelmed. Fortunately, alcohol and drug recovery services provided by licenced doctors, therapists, and institutions are covered by the majority of South African healthcare plans. Most Medical aids cover rehab for up to 21 days or more.

An addiction can only be broken for 21 days before it is completely eliminated

The traditional thought that it takes 21 days to break a habit has been debunked, according to new research. Psychologists say it takes an average of about 21 days of focused and continuous effort to form a new habit, but this varies from person to person.

Medicine Assisted Treatment

Those seeking long-term sobriety can rely on our programme, which is widely regarded and comprehensive. In order to assist people to have productive and fulfilling lives that are free of substance misuse, we provide a variety of programmes and services.

For us, addiction and co-occurring disorders are serious health issues that can have serious consequences for the people who suffer from these, as well as for their loved ones. We use a combination of the most widely accepted evidence-based medication and therapy because of this complexity.

Rehab May Not be Possible for Working People

There is a higher chance of addiction among lawyers, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Stress, overwork, and exhaustion can lead to mental health concerns in people who work in these professions. The use of drugs and alcohol may be an option for individuals. As a result, it can lead to addiction or alcoholism.

Those who can’t commit to a short-term residential treatment stay should consider an outpatient short-term rehab option. At least once a day, people will continue to go for medication and treatment. This option is equally as effective as an inpatient program and best suited for working professionals.


The admissions procedure can begin by contacting us directly or by being suggested by a doctor, therapist, or other professional with whom you already work if your medical aid provider approves your rehab stay. To begin the intake and admissions process at any time, a member of our staff is always on call.

The advantage of the ARCA Durban Medical Anti-Craving Treatment

ARCA Treatment

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    Thank you for visiting ARCA JHB website. For further information please contact us and if you have any queries, please complete the form and a member of the team will be in contact.

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    My son is an herion addict and has been to 2 rehabilitation center’s…he has relapsed & is in a bad space …I really need help I am unsure if my medical aid will pay again..I am so stressed & in turmoil …pls help…I need a long term rehabilitation as I feel that 21 days is not sufficient GG or his recovery

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