Specialised Treatment Program For All Professionals

ARCA offers programs designed especially for medical, legal, and business professionals. Our programs offer professionals immediate and highly confidential access to our individualised, evidence-based treatment for chemical dependency ranging from alcohol to prescription medication and drugs. Many professionals view addiction to alcohol or drugs as a problem that could cost them their job and derail their professional career. They fear that seeking help through their employer or professional assistance program could put their career in jeopardy. Some treatment programs can be rigid and punitive, involving mandatory inpatient treatment and outpatient aftercare programs lasting up to five years.

The fear of major financial expense for treatment, a loss of income, increased stress on loved ones, and being away from home for several months will often force professionals to hide the problem until it is too late. In many instances, a professional is caught in the act of using, and turned in by a co-worker or supervisor. This leaves the affected individual with few options, and it typically forces the affected individual into mandated treatment or a forced resignation. But it does not have to be that way.


Professionals now have a viable option to seek treatment before the problem becomes unmanageable. Our Confidential Treatment Program for Professionals is a comprehensive treatment program that incorporates a medical detoxification, anti-craving medications, psychiatric treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention counseling. The treatment will be tailored to the individual with individual, group, and family counselling sessions conveniently scheduled to minimise disruptions of your professional and personal life.

Advances in the understanding of the neurobiology of addictive disorders has led to the development of an entirely new class of medications that target specific regions of the brain and that have no addictive properties. The ARCA JHB Medical Detox medication is was developed by the U.S government almost thirty years ago to minimize cravings.

Anti-craving Medication from U.S

This is the only medication approved by the FDA to treat drug, alcohol, and prescription medication addictions. The only limitation of ARCA JHB Medical Detox is poor medication compliance.