Sober New Years Eve Party Ideas

Sober New Years Eve Party Ideas

Now that you’re sober, you might be wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve. Celebrating the holidays without the use of alcohol or other intoxicants can be a lot of fun! However, careful preparation and attention are important to avoid relapsing in many of these same activities that you enjoyed before to sobriety. Sobriety is a journey that must be taken one day at a time, but the possibility of relapse on New Year’s Eve necessitates prior preparation. Addiction can be sparked by a variety of factors, including social situations, family members, and friends. Doing things that you enjoy and spending time with people that care about you. Here are a few sober new years eve party ideas that ARCA rehabs have put together for all our recovering addicts:

Find a New Year’s Eve sober celebration near you

Everywhere there are NA/AA and support groups, there are sober events planned for New Year’s Eve. Whether you opt to find a sober dance, take part in a midnight 12-Step or recovery meeting, or go to a private party hosted by someone you know in recovery, you can surround yourself with other people who understand exactly how you are feeling. They also know what it’s like to be sober after long-term addiction on the one night of the year that was once defined by drugs, debauchery, and blackouts.

A Destination Party

A “destination party” is exactly what it sounds like: a get-together in a location of your choosing. At this time of year, you may be in a more pleasant climate. Make plans to have a bonfire or go on a nighttime trek to relax. When it’s colder outside? For the long weekend, book a cabin. Taking a break from your normal surroundings and routine can help alleviate some of the stress of maintaining sobriety.

Spending Time With Yourself To Recharge And Refocus

If you’re not a huge fan of parties, then a night of reflection on the last year can be a better alternative. Your evening could be reserved for self-reflection and contemplation of the past year’s accomplishments and intentions for 2022. Adding self-care activities, such as a long bath or a comprehensive skin-care routine, to this exercise.

Organize Your Own Event

When you host your own event, you can decide what food and beverages are offered to your guests. Soda and juice can be served instead of alcohol. In addition to being in charge of the guest list, you would also be in charge of the event itself. Some people may have had an impact on your addiction by providing support or even providing the substance itself. By holding your own party and surrounding yourself with a great group of friends, you can avoid encountering these types.

Plan a Night of Gaming

Having a New Year’s Eve sober party at home is a wonderful alternative. When you host a game night, you get to decide what food and beverages are offered to your guests and who they are invited to bring. When playing games like Jenga, 30 seconds, Monopoly, or charades, you don’t have to worry about being addicted to any of the components. In the event of a problem, you may be assured that you will be in your own house.

Make some yummy Mocktails!

We at ARCA rehabs wish you and your loved ones a prosperous, clean, and peaceful New Year in 2022!

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