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Sober New Year Tips | Addiction Recovery

Sober New Year Tips | Addiction Recovery

Sober New Year Celebrations

New Year’s Eve, like many other holidays, is frequently filled with a drinking culture. Many attend events where drinking is expected and toast the New Year with champagne at midnight. For people in early recovery, New Year’s Eve may feel like a holiday that is incompatible with recovery. However, being sober does not prevent celebration. There are numerous ways to celebrate a sober new year while still having a good time.

Sober New Year Dinner Party

Spice up your dinner party with ethnic cuisine such as Italian, Greek, or even a South African braai. If you don’t enjoy cooking, attempt a potluck or order takeout with your buddies.

Game Night

Nothing fosters a sense of community more than teamwork (and a little healthy competition). Whether you want to play a single game or a board game tournament, this celebration will be filled with fun and fellowship.

Movie Night

If you’d rather have a peaceful night at home, wrap yourself in a nice, fuzzy blanket with some hot cocoa, snacks, and the movie you’ve been meaning to see. Or organise an outdoor Cinema and invite all your sober and serene buddies!

Get out of Dodge!

Take some time away from the holiday season’s hustle and bustle. Spend two days away from your partying friends. This could involve staying with family in a different city or renting a chalet to be closer to nature.

Volunteer at a Shelter

Volunteering is a rewarding experience for anyone, but it may be especially therapeutic for a recovering addict. By giving back, you contribute to restoring your community’s image, character, and worth. In doing so, you will begin to gradually restore your self-esteem, which is of the utmost importance.

Exit Strategy

No matter what you decide to do, my friends, being prepared is the most important factor. If you plan to spend New Year’s Eve in a place where alcohol will be served, you should develop an exit strategy beforehand. And don’t worry about what others think if, for example, you have to leave at 11:35 p.m. because they want to drink is too great.

Rehearse some answers about why you are not drinking, ensure you are being honest, pay close attention to your triggers and emotions, and leave if the situation becomes too challenging, regardless of what others say. Your recovery takes priority.


Staying Sober and Keeping Friends