Rehabilitation Center in Johannesburg

Rehabilitation Center in Johannesburg

The ARCA rehabilitation center in Johannesburg provides medically supervised addiction therapy with an emphasis on co-occurring mental health conditions. Our professionals work to restore hope and healing to our patients, who are often in the lowest times of their lives when they seek help.

Our patients report positive change as they gain a grasp of their emotional reactions as they embark on a path of self-discovery. Most patients discover that they are not alone on this path of awareness. They are receiving highly qualified guidance from therapists and professionals in a safe environment.

ARCA treatment treats not only chemical dependency difficulties but also addictions that develop as a result of substance abuse or on their own. We want to support patients in eliminating impulse addictions that keep them from living their best, most productive lives.

Medically Supervised Detox

All patients who check into an ARCA Treatment Center will begin with Medically Supervised Detox. This includes both drug and alcohol treatment as we assist them in managing their withdrawal symptoms.

Our detox center is staffed by nurses and a nurse practitioner. The length of stay varies each individual and is dependent on factors such as the type of drug abused. This is why medical detoxification is required prior to beginning the inpatient treatment.

The time of detox is completely dependent on the individual and their substance of choice. While detoxing from illicit drugs and opiate painkillers or illegal narcotics can take as short as 24 to 36 hours, it can take up to 7 or more days for the substances to be cleared from the individual’s body.

Experienced Therapists

Our team is highly qualified and unique in terms of empathy, awareness, and support, and they are here for the greater good. They are among the best and most sought-after experts in the field of addiction therapy.

Family Support Groups

Weekly support group sessions for family and friends are provided at no additional cost at our Residential or facilities – even after treatment is completed!

Get Help

Rapid, inexpensive, and successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is possible in Johannesburg. If you or a loved one lives in Johannesburg and is in need of substance abuse treatment, do not hesitate to seek assistance. There are numerous options available. Contact ARCA’s Johannesburg rehabilitation clinic now to begin exploring your treatment options.

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