Medicine to Reduce Drug Cravings

Medicine to Reduce Drug Cravings

Medicine to reduce drug cravings in Jhb. During these uncertain and dark times, we have to take the best care of our health. The recent virus outbreak is a threat to all South Africans. But how does this affect people suffering from the disease of addiction?

People who suffer from the disease of addiction have many relapse triggers. The biggest trigger is fear. As we all know, the fear of being contaminated with the covid-19 virus affects us all. An addict will obsess about the pandemic and become overly anxious and react by escaping with substances. Naltrexone is proven to reduce anxiety and prevent relapse after detox from substance abuse.

Naltrexone and Rehab Treatment

Naltrexone can enable patients to ease into the recovery process post-rehab treatment. This miracle anti-craving medication has saved many lives and allowed patients to live a life free of addiction.

Just like diabetes or heart disease, addiction is a chronic disease. It is proven that it cannot be cured, but just like diabetes – it can be managed. A patient in recovery can learn new coping skills and live a productive and healthy life.

How do I get Naltrexone?

Anti-craving meds are prescribed and can only be given by a medical professional. We will assess the patient and discuss the best way forward.

You Cannot Do Withdrawals Alone?

There is no shame in admitting that you are suffering from addiction. It is a chronic disease and requires a medical approach just like any other disease. ARCA focuses on the long-term recovery of all its patients both physically and mentally. If you treat both factors with anti-craving meds, you will be able to enjoy a successful and full recovery. Call us for a free assessment in Jhb or Durban.

Anti-Craving Medications for Drug Addiction

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