Medically Assisted Detox FAQ’s

Medically Assisted Detox

Medically assisted detox is usually suggested for persons who are just starting out in recovery since it allows for 24-hour monitoring and access to a medical team in the event of a medical emergency. Medically assisted detox can take place in a hospital, detox clinic, or addiction treatment facility, where clients can be monitored and helped with any potentially dangerous side effects.

What exactly is detox?

Detoxification is the process of removing all traces of alcohol and drugs from the body, ensuring that a person is physiologically stable and ready to begin therapy. People’s bodies become accustomed to having these substances in their systems as a result of alcohol or drug addiction.

When Do the Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Begin?

Withdrawal is a collection of unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms that are particular to the substance in question.
The chemicals not only determine the types of symptoms experienced, but also the general timing of those withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens During a Detox?

The first step in drug therapy is detox, sometimes known as detoxification. Some clinics may refer to detox alone as treatment because it is the first step. However, this usage of words can be perplexing.

During detox, the individual’s body repairs itself by ridding his system of the drug substances. Because detox is a time when withdrawal symptoms are extremely likely, medically aided detox is ideal in many circumstances. Nausea, anxiousness, sweating, shakiness, shaking, and even seeing or hearing things that don’t exist are all possible symptoms.

ARCA rehab professionals provide beneficial drugs to help with the detoxification process. For example, if someone has been using an opiate for a long time, medication may be administered to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Why Medically Assisted Detox and Treatment Complement Each Other

When detox and therapy are integrated, the entire procedure can address all facets of a person’s life. Both stages of the procedure take place in the same location, with the same caregivers, at  ARCA rehabs detox clinic. To avoid the debilitating effects of drug withdrawal, make an appointment with an ARCA recovery center right away.

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