Carte Blanche – Drug Drug Episode

ARCA Durban were showcased on Carte Blanche, interest in ARCA’s Rehabilitation Programme has catapulted. Trish Beaver from Weekend Witness discovers and explains the benefits.

Drug Drug Episode

Kicking a heroin habit is one of the hardest things to do. So imagine if medication was available to make it significantly easier to drop this dangerous habit… Well, there is and it’s been around since the ’60s. But this so-called miracle drug can’t be patented, so there’s little awareness of its existence. Carte Blanche put some addicts to the test and you can watch the full version by clicking the link below or you can visit Carte Blanche website for further coverage.

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  1. Hi, I am Rocco mother from this program and want to say thank you. Rocco has been clean since the program is happily married now with 2 beautiful boys. Thanks for giving me my son and life back. Though this treatment he now is amazing father and husband. This program works. Just to encourage new addicts try this if all else has failed I really recommend the treatment. To Dr Naidoo, Carte Blanch and the ARCA staff I huge TAHNK YOU:) Regards Cindy Stefano.

    1. We are very happy about Rocco’s recovery. Being recruited by Carte Blanche helped to not only change his life, but has helped to save the lives of hundreds of heroin victims from all over Africa. Rocco’s story gave hope to many many sufferers and highlighted that full recovery can be successfully achieved.

      Incredibly well done Rocco and to your Mom Cindy for the faith that she had in your recovery. The programme really does work and you Rocco are a role model for others to follow.May you and your family continue on the very positive road that you have chosen.

      Sincerely Arca

      1. ARCA

        Good morning all, and thanks Prakash for sharing with us the success stories.
        I am grateful for people like Cindy and Rocco who give hope to others who may feel empty and defeated.

        It is clear that the ARCA Way is the way to go.

        May Rocco’s family continue succesfully to motivate others.

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