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Can One Leave Rehab Voluntarily?

Can one leave rehab voluntarily? Even if therapy is ordered by the court, no one can force an adult into rehab against their will. You may leave at any moment, but before you do, you should consider why you wish to discontinue therapy. Consider the possible consequences and how leaving early can affect your life.

Tell someone how you are feeling if you are struggling in recovery. Your counselors and therapists have heard this countless times, and they will assist you through the difficult moments.

Not Feeling Comfortable in Rehab

Perhaps you’re having doubts about whether you made the right decision in selecting a rehabilitation centre. You either don’t feel at home here (uncomfortable bed, dietary restrictions, etc.) or you don’t fit in socially. Perhaps you’re feeling homesick, frustrated, or bored. As uncomfortable as it may be at first, this is a common reaction. Remember that the first two weeks are typically the most challenging.

I Can Do This Without Rehab

You may believe that you can quit using on your own without support, but if that were true, you would have already done so. If you’ve made it through withdrawal or have been in treatment for a time, it’s natural to think that you don’t need any more help.

Leaving Court Ordered Rehab Early

Nobody has the right to make you stay in therapy. You won’t be locked in a dungeon or chained to your bed, and the recovery centre won’t send out the dogs to find you, either. Nonetheless, you are breaking the law by not adhering to a contract, which is a major offense that can result in significant consequences. Leaving treatment without permission is a crime in some regions.

The Benefits of Completing Rehab Treatment

There are many benefits to completing treatment, whether you are there because of a court order or because you choose to go to rehab on your own. If you are struggling with substance abuse or addiction and also have other problems in your life, such as health issues, employment issues, or unemployment, rehab is really the best option for you.