• Addicts are not criminals; they suffer from the dis-ease of addiction. The idea of addiction is a topic that has always been debated and it always will be a hot topic.
  • Addicts run away their whole lives
  • Addicts break boundaries
  • Addicts break the law
  • ARCA can help
Drug addiction is a complex disorder, malady, and illness. With the dis-ease of addiction come many negative issues. ARCA rehab patients come into treatment, to unlearn all the behavior that lead to their addiction. As much as we would like all addicts coming into treatment to be willing – not all are. This is why it is common for an addict to escape rehab and “jump walls”. At ARCA, we believe that it is important that families of addicts do not force them into treatment. If rehab by force worked, we would all be doing it. The truth is that an addict who is denied their “rock bottom” will not be willing to go into rehab and stay there. We encourage an intervention program for addicts who want to get clean but fear rehabilitation.

Why Do Addicts Run Away From Rehab?

Addicts run away their whole lives – This is just one of the behaviors that we address within rehab. They run from reality by using their drug of choice. They run from rehab to avoid reality. Addiction is “fear” based and many addicts who have run away from rehab will tell you that they fear facing reality and certain emotions. When we have to face our demons and cannot hide behind the mask, we become fearful. It isn’t a comfortable and peaceful process in early recovery, but it is necessary for long term sobriety.
Addicts break boundaries – We can set boundaries with addicts, but they do not always agree with them. Addicts will push boundaries and it is common for them to do so. A “no” will always be a “yes” to an addict. Addicts are stubborn and they have “stinking thinking unless they are working a rehab program.

Why do Addicts Break the Law?

When an addict is in the midst of their addiction storm, they will do anything to feed their addiction. This is when addiction becomes destructive. An addict who is in active addiction will do anything to get high or drunk. They will steal from families and strangers to get what they crave. Only an addict in recovery will be rational enough to see what they are doing is hurting others and themselves. This is why rehab is so beneficial for a happy, free and joyous life. There is nothing liberating about facing prison time or losing relationships because of your addiction. Unfortunately, we are all affected by other people’s choices, but we can choose to be different and make a difference. This is why it is vital for those who have an addicted loved one to set healthy boundaries and not enable any criminal behavior. You do the crime, you do the time! Addicts have to realize that they are sick and must be held accountable for their actions. Addicts are not criminals, they are sick people:

“addicts are not bad people trying to get good, they are sick people trying to get better”

How can ARCA help?

ARCA is aware of the negative consequences that addicts create and experience. Recovery is a process and that is why ARCA does not force our patients to stay against their will, we only ease the patient into recovery through a vital first step – detox. DR. Prakash Naidoo is the only doctor in South Africa that offers favorable drug rehab treatment through medical detox and a holistic approach with high success rates.  ARCA rehab is a treatment center that believes in creating a safe environment for our addicts without making them feel they are in prison or held there against their will.
If you or a loved one is “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, contact us for a free assessment and intervention and we will get you onto the path of freedom and happiness.

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