Whoonga Addiction in South Africa

Whoonga, commonly known as nyaope or wonga, is a South African illicit drug. Whoonga is a mix of black tar heroin, marijuana, and other narcotics that has become popular in South Africa in recent years. It first arose in Durban’s poorest townships, and it is currently spreading throughout South Africa.

Whoonga is frequently sold as a potent Marijuana mixture by dealers. Dealers bulk up the mix with powdered ingredients to make more from the sale of the diluted medicine. Mixes can include everything from actual pharmaceutical medications to cleaning chemicals to any powder-based item. Whoonga is both highly addictive because of the heroin concentration and extremely deadly because of the lack of knowledge about what additional volatile, toxic, or inert chemicals are added to the Nyaope mix sold on the street; the components change from location to location and dealer to dealer.

Antiretroviral medications, notable efavirenz of the sort given to treat HIV, are sometimes reported to be present in the drug. To bulk up a narcotic, dealers are known to add “all sorts of substances.”

Whoonga is a recreational drug, according to reports. It induces pleasure, great contentment, and relaxation in the user. It also suppresses hunger. Whoonga’s effects might last anywhere from two to four hours.

The medicine is estimated to cost around 30 rands each straw. A Whoonga junkie requires multiple doses per day; yet, most users are unable to purchase the drug and must turn to crime to support their addiction.

Whoonga withdrawal symptoms. Whoonga’s benefits fade off in 6 to 24 hours, leaving undesirable side effects such as severe stomach cramps, backache, perspiration, chills, anxiety, restlessness, sadness, nausea, and diarrhea to emerge.

ARCA Rehabs treat the withdrawal of whoonga addiction.

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