What is drug abuse?
What is drug abuse?

What is drug abuse?

What is drug abuse?

What is drug abuse? Drug abuse is compulsive, self-harming, and excessive use of a substance. It leads to addiction to the abused substance. Continual drug abuse can eventually cause severe physiological injuries such as kidney damage, liver damage, and heart problems. Drug misuse can also lead to psychological problems such as psychosis and dysfunctional behavior and erratic thoughts. Excess of any substance can lead to coma and eventually death. 

Drug addiction is a problem and serious social ill. Every community and family are affected by this epidemic in some way or another. Every year drugs cause millions of illnesses and deaths. Drugs such as Methamphetamine and opioids have taken over in recent years escalating the death rate among the population. In South Africa, it is methamphetamine aka tik, opioids, and alcohol that have increased among substances abused in our population. 

Drug addiction causes social problems 

Substance abuse also plays a role in social problems such as drunken driving, aggression, violent crimes, and abuse. Substance abuse can lead to homelessness, job losses, and risky behavior. Unborn babies are also affected as well as children. 

There is treatment available for substance abuse but prevention is always better than cure. South Africa is battling a sudden flow of unique illicit street narcotics such as Nyaope. Prescription drug abuse is also on the increase and medications like ARVs and cough syrup seem to be the favorites. South Africa is also known for having the highest-ranking of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, drug-addicted teenagers, and a society of violence worldwide. 

Studies show that the most commonly used substances in SA are alcohol and dagga. In the townships, Nyaope ranks high. It is clear that our country has a serious health and economic health crisis and that more needs to be done.

Help available for drug addiction

Help is available for drug abuse. If you or a loved one are abusing drugs or alcohol contact ARCA Durban or ARCA JHB for help before the drug abuse turns into a full-blown addiction.

ARCA Rehabs is a registered rehabilitation center.

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