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The Risks of Cold Turkey

For a variety of reasons, going cold turkey is risky. Unknown to many, the risks of quitting cold turkey vary and frequently depend on the drug used. Moreover, each addict who is attempting to recover will have a different experience depending on the degree of an addictive substance’s potency.

Although quitting drugs cold turkey might seem like the easiest approach to overcoming addiction, many people relapse due to severe withdrawal symptoms. Among the most typical signs of withdrawal are:



migraines and headaches


nausea and diarrhea

feeling tense



changes in appetite

problems sleeping

Medical Drug Detox in Rehab

The term “medical detoxification,” sometimes known as “detox,” refers to the act of removing toxins from the body.  The best way to start and manage the road to recovery is often seen as an alternative to quitting cold turkey.

The goal of detox is to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort while reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification with the help of medical professionals and other qualified individuals is the safest and most successful method.

Detoxification is typically carried out in a medically supervised setting, such as a detox clinic or facility. Detoxing without help is difficult, and if you don’t succeed the first time, you may give up!

Mental health and physical illness  

Drug withdrawal can be made more difficult with mental health and physical health difficulties. These issues increase the risk and difficulty of attempting a cold turkey detox.

By using the medication-assisted treatment and other approaches supported by scientific research, ARCA Rehabs is committed to ensuring your safe and successful rehabilitation. To assist you in forming healthy routines and making positive changes in your life, we provide a range of therapeutic interventions and support services.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our tailored treatment programmes as an alternative to cold turkey for drug addiction.

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