The Dangers of Cold Turkey

The Dangers of Cold Turkey

As tempting as it may be to detox at home, medical supervision can help minimize unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and address any complications that arise, keeping a person as safe and comfortable as possible during the detox process.It is possible to die as a result of quitting highly addictive drugs or severe alcohol dependence. Addiction treatment centers and doctors are better places to get help.

What are the dangers of quitting drugs at home?

The brain adapts to addictive substances, such as opiates. When its supply is abruptly cut off, seizures, abnormal heart rhythms, and other withdrawal symptoms might occur. Some of these symptoms might be life-threatening or even fatal.

To alleviate unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, resuming substance use may be necessary. Relapse refers to the resumption of substance or alcohol use following cessation.

After quitting, your tolerance to the chemical decreases. If you decide to resume use, you will be more likely to overdose.

When to seek medical care

If you attempt to quit cold turkey but the need to use remains strong, you should seek medical assistance. You may need to participate in a supervised program for addiction recovery.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is one of the most hazardous substances to quit cold turkey once dependence has developed. Half of people who struggle with alcoholism will have withdrawal symptoms, and 3-5 percent will suffer from delirium tremens, the most severe and sometimes fatal form of withdrawal (DTs).

Delirium tremens is very dangerous since it may not develop until a few days after the last drink, although other withdrawal symptoms normally appear within eight to twelve hours. Hallucinations, acute disorientation, fever, and potentially fatal convulsions are all side effects of DTs.

The dangers of  cold turkey is serious! As a team, we’re here for you. We’ll help you get clean and maintain it. Please allow us to guide you in moving forward with the rest of your life!

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