Thank You ARCA Durban

Below you can find a ‘Thank You’ note to the team at ARCA Durban expressing the emotions and sincere gratitude for the assistance provided by all at ARCA Durban.

Hi ARCA Durban,
I”ve missed seeing you and Doc and haven’t had a chance to properly Thank you for what you have both done with our Son and how much you have helped us as a Family.  We appreciate all the time and effort you have put into helping our Son and our Family and we will be forever grateful and thankful. 
The things that we have learn’t about our Son’s illness and addiction in general we would never have learnt anywhere else, I look forward to Saturday meetings every week, it is nice and comforting to hear each other’s challenges and stories each week.
Thank you and have a blessed and happy weekend and week ahead.
Kind Regards

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