Rehab Centre in Sandton
Rehab Centre in Sandton

Rehab Centre in Sandton

ARCA Jhb is a leading drug rehab centre located in Sandton, offering fast, safe, and effective medical detox services. Our rehab centre provides a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery, including cognitive behaviour therapy, withdrawal and craving management, and proven anti-craving medicines. Our core values of compassion, support, and empowerment drive our mission to help individuals break free from the grip of addiction and regain control of their lives. With a team of dedicated professionals and personalized treatment plans, ARCA Jhb offers a supportive and transformative environment for those seeking to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.


  • Fast, safe detox
  • Effective therapy programs
  • Proven anti-craving medicines
  • Compassionate support
  • Empowering rehabilitation


Here at ARCA Jhb, we’re dedicated to providing a compassionate, supportive, and empowering environment for individuals seeking help with addiction. Our rehab centre in Sandton offers personalized treatment plans, therapy sessions, and support groups to help our customers overcome their struggles and start on the path to recovery. With our experienced staff and evidence-based practices, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way towards a healthier, happier life.


At ARCA Jhb, we offer a top-notch drug rehab experience in Sandton. Our fast, safe, and effective medical detox, along with proven anti-craving medicines and cognitive behavior therapy, sets us apart from the rest. Our compassionate and supportive approach, combined with our focus on empowering our clients, ensures that they have the best chance at a successful recovery.

What kind of treatments do you offer at your rehab centre?

We offer a range of treatments including medical detox, cognitive behaviour therapy, withdrawal and craving management, and proven anti-craving medicines.

How long does a typical stay at your rehab centre last?

The length of stay varies depending on the individual’s needs, but it typically ranges from 30 to 90 days.

Do you provide aftercare support for clients once they leave the rehab centre?

Yes, we offer aftercare support to help clients transition back into their daily lives and maintain their sobriety.

Can family members visit their loved ones during their stay at the rehab centre?

Yes, we encourage family involvement and support during the recovery process, and visitation is allowed at designated times.

How do you ensure confidentiality and privacy for clients at your rehab centre?

We take confidentiality and privacy very seriously, and all staff members adhere to strict guidelines to protect the privacy of our clients.

Looking for a Compassionate Rehab Centre in Sandton? Choose ARCA Jhb

At ARCA Jhb, we understand that seeking help for addiction can be a difficult and emotional decision. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing a compassionate and supportive environment for individuals looking to begin their journey to recovery. Our fast, safe, and effective medical detox program is designed to help our clients detoxify their bodies in a comfortable and supervised setting.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at a healthy and fulfilling life, free from the grips of addiction. By choosing ARCA Jhb in Sandton, you are choosing a rehab center that prioritizes your well-being and recovery above all else. Let us guide you towards a brighter future, one step at a time.

Intensive treatment necessary

At our Rehab Centre, we know that intensive treatment is necessary for those struggling with addiction. When we say intensive, we mean a comprehensive approach that addresses not just the physical symptoms, but also the underlying emotional and psychological issues that contribute to addiction. Our team of experienced therapists and counselors is dedicated to providing round-the-clock support and guidance to ensure that each individual receives the personalized care they need to overcome their addiction.

In our Intensive Outpatient Program, clients participate in daily therapy sessions that delve deep into the root causes of their addiction. These sessions are facilitated by licensed therapists who specialize in addiction treatment and are skilled at helping clients navigate the complex emotions and challenges that arise during the recovery process. In addition to individual therapy, clients also have access to group therapy sessions where they can connect with peers who are going through similar experiences. This sense of community and support is crucial in helping clients feel understood and supported as they work towards sobriety.

  • Daily therapy sessions with licensed therapists
  • Group therapy sessions for peer support
  • Holistic approach to treatment addressing mind, body, and spirit
  • 24/7 access to support and guidance
  • Individualized treatment plans tailored to each client’s unique needs

The Importance of a Rehab Centre

Rehabilitation centres play a crucial role in helping individuals overcome addiction and regain control of their lives. At ARCA Jhb, we understand the challenges that come with addiction and are here to provide support and guidance every step of the way.

Here are three reasons why choosing a rehab centre like ARCA Jhb can make a difference in your recovery journey:

  • Professional Support: Our team of experts, including therapists and medical professionals, are dedicated to providing personalized care and support to help you achieve lasting sobriety.
  • Evidence-Based Treatment: We utilise cognitive behavior therapy and other evidence-based approaches to address the root causes of addiction and equip you with the tools necessary for long-term success.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment:** Our facility in Sandton offers a safe and supportive environment where you can focus on your recovery without distractions, surrounded by individuals who understand and care about your well-being.

Is a Rehab Centre Worth It?

We understand the hesitation some may have when considering a rehab centre for themselves or a loved one. However, at ARCA Jhb, we believe that the value of a rehab centre goes beyond just treating addiction – it offers a comprehensive approach to addressing the underlying issues that contribute to substance abuse.

Here at ARCA Jhb, we strive to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can work towards their recovery goals. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping each person navigate their journey to sobriety. When you choose our rehab centre, you can expect:

  1. Personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Evidence-based therapies and interventions to address the root causes of addiction.
  3. Access to proven anti-craving medicines to support your recovery journey.
  4. Ongoing support and aftercare services to help you maintain long-term sobriety.

Let’s reclaim our lives together at ARCA Jhb. Take the first step towards healing with our compassionate and supportive rehab services in Sandton. Let us help empower you on your journey to recovery. Contact ARCA Jhb today.