Get Help for Addiction in Johannesburg

Get Help for Addiction in Johannesburg

Substance abuse and alcohol use are common coping mechanisms for people who are struggling to deal with the stresses of daily life. What seems like a quick and easy escape from unpleasant emotions sometimes turns out to be a temporary solution that causes even more suffering in the long term.

The aftereffects of drug and alcohol misuse are persistent long after the initial high has worn off. Addiction has far-reaching repercussions, from the immediate discomfort of withdrawal to the irreversible deterioration of body and mind that can lead to death. It’s crucial to learn to identify drug abuse signs in those you care about.

If a loved one is struggling with addiction, get professional help

A person’s options are limited. Consult a specialist for assistance if a loved one is refusing your support and making no efforts to alter their behavior. The goal may be to get them to talk to a counselor about their drinking, to have an intervention on their behalf, or to enroll them in a rehabilitation program.

Addiction is a Disease

According to the disease hypothesis, drugs cause irreversible damage to the brain and render the user powerless. However, even though it may be more challenging due to the effects of drugs on the brain, many people who are dependent on drugs are still able to exercise self-control over their drug usage.

Several methods have been shown to have a significant impact on one’s state of mind. Psychological treatments, such as behavioral and cognitive therapy, as well as some drugs, fall into this category. Some persons who are alcoholics or addicts may require this extra help in order to achieve positive adjustments.

Could it be that not all medications have the same addictive properties?

A higher tolerance to withdrawal symptoms makes some drugs more dangerous than others. Not all medications cause physical withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop using them, but it’s still possible to develop a psychological dependency on them.

Signs of Drug Addiction

  • psychological and behavioral changes, such as a lack of drive, impatience, or agitation
  • Frequently bleeding noses and bloodshot eyes
  • Slurred speech, tremors, or trembling
  • daily routine routines have changed.
  • neglect for personal hygiene
  • Unusual demand for money and financial problems
  • Friends and activities change.

Get Help for Addiction in Johannesburg

If you habitually use drugs and exhibit any of the symptoms described above, it is crucial that you get medical or mental health advice as soon as possible.

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