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Drug rehab Jhb at ARCA would like to address the social ill of addiction. Drug addiction isn’t a moral dilemma, it is a disease that has a massive scarlet letter (stigma) attached to it. We hope that the stigma of drug addiction can be corrected through education and understanding of the disease of addiction.

Anyone struggling with the disease of addiction will tell you that they never imagined they would abuse drugs one day. This complex disease not only affects the addict’s life but also those closest to them. It is not easy for spouses, children and parents to experience the whirlwind of emotions that an addicted loved one manifests. Living with an addict is hard and often fraught with emotional hurt, trauma and many negative consequences, such as:

  • Financial problems
  • Legal problems
  • Medical problems
  • Marital problems

 The family is often the one left to pick up the pieces after the addicted loved one has either run away or ended up in prison or worse.

Living with an addict is not a peaceful experience. Children become accustomed to conflict as they witness their intoxicated parent arguing on a daily basis. Sometimes things become violent and the children and spouses are moved to a shelter. In a house where there is an addiction, there is no love, trust or stability. This is why we urge families not to wait for the addiction to progress to the point it destroys everything and everyone. Get help from a drug rehab near you.

Addiction Impacts Negatively on Small Children

Witnessing your parents fighting or your parents high all the time has long-term effects on children. These children are more than likely to develop addiction early into adulthood. Parents who are abusing drugs or alcohol often neglect or abuse their children. This caiuses trauma and creates delays in emotional and learning development.

There is hope, give ARCA a call today and we will arrange for an intervention for your addicted loved one.

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