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Do I Really Need Rehab?

Do I really Need Rehab? Addiction—to prescription and illicit medications and alcohol —is a severe problem. There are warning indicators that might be recognised if you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse. Some people choose to avoid the professional help that rehab centres offer and instead make an attempt to quit on their own. However, many addicts find it very tough to sober up on their own after their substance abuse has reached a certain point.

Warning indicators of a potential substance abuse problem:

  • You continue taking medicine after it’s no longer essential for a health concern.
  • Over time, your body adjusts to a chemical by requiring more of it to get the same benefits (“tolerance”).
  • As soon as the medicine stops working, you start to feel weird. Feeling weak, down, sick to your stomach, sweating, or having a headache are all symptoms. On the other hand, you might not feel like eating or sleeping. The symptoms may worsen to the point that you become disoriented, have seizures, or develop a fever.
  • Even though you try to resist the need to use the substance, you eventually give in. You continue to use it despite the fact that it is causing negative outcomes, such as problems with loved ones, coworkers, and the law.
  • Obsess -How to obtain more, when to take it, how great it makes you feel, or how horrible it makes you feel afterwards occupy a great deal of your mental energy.
  • You struggle to set limits for yourself. Someone who says they will only use “so much” often finds they use twice as much. Or perhaps you find yourself using it accidentally more often than you intended.
  • You no longer have any desire to engage in the activities you formerly enjoyed.
  • You’ve started having difficulties with regular activities like working and cleaning.
  • When under the influence of drugs, you may make poor decisions and put yourself or others in harm’s way.
  • In order to finance your drug habit, you resort to borrowing or stealing money. You try to hide your drug use or the influence it has on you from those around you.
  • You’re having interpersonal difficulties with people in your life, whether they be coworkers, instructors, friends, or family. They are more likely to criticise your behaviour or the way you’ve changed..
  • Either you’re sleeping too much or not enough when compared to how you used to be. Alternatively, you can start eating significantly more or significantly less than before.
  • It’s a new you. You may have had a change in your weight, gained or lost it, or developed symptoms such as poor hygiene, tremors, or frequent nosebleeds.
  • You’ve recently met a new group of friends with whom you often use drugs and experiment with at new drug spots.
  • To get high, you snoop around in other people’s medicine cabinets.

You should get help right away if you or someone you know has a problem. Contact ARCA Rehab for an appointment today!

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