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Cutting And Self-Harm

Cutting And Self-Harm | Addicted to Pain

Cutting And Self-Harm

Cutting and self-harm can be a way of escaping problems for some people. Cutting self-mutilation is a way of expressing feelings that cannot be put into words. Some cutters say it release emotional pain.

Like substance, abuse cutting is a temporary distraction. After cutting you might feel better but soon those emotions flooding back. Much like an addiction to substances, cutting offers instant gratification and needs to be repeated as it is addictive.

People who hurt themselves usually don’t want to die, just like an addict that uses drugs doesn’t want to overdose. These people are cutting and using the only coping strategy they know. When they self-harm, they are not trying to kill themselves, they are trying to cope with their problems and pain. In fact, self-injury may be a way of helping themselves go on living.

The severity of a person’s cuts is no indication of how much or little they are battling. Just because the wounds are minor doesn’t mean there is no cause for concern. People who cut may also use substances as a coping mechanism. Taking drugs in excess and drinking to the point of blackout is self-harm.

Using needles that leave track marks is also a form of cutting in some. They can either rely on substances or cutting to release emotional pain. Cutters may fatally harm themselves in their endeavors chasing the high they get from cutting. If these people use drugs they might have to take large doses, as they want to harm themselves and respiratory failure occurs.

Any addiction whether it be behavior or substance can and will kill and should be taken seriously.

People who self-injure have a much higher risk of suicide, The emotional pain is deep and there are underlying issues that need healing. This is why it’s so important to seek help.

ARCA JHB Rehab has treatment programs to assist people who cut and cause themselves harm.

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