Couples Rehab – Together or Apart?

Couples rehab is not a healthy activity. We do not advise that couples enter treatment at the same time and advise that the couple attends either different facilities at the same time, or one enters into rehab as the other leaves.

The main reason for this is that in addiction several issues come up. The same couple attending group sessions may not feel as comfortable to share openly. Very often there are dynamics within the couple also affecting recovery. Lastly, a couple in rehab together can negatively influence each other. This is why we adopt a similar stance as treating two siblings at the same time.

The Negative effects of Using Together

If both spouses are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the problems will be huge. You cannot healthily support each other as the use of substances will be the main focus. There is hope and once you both decide to get help and take that first step, you can focus on a way forward.

It is good to do recovery together, but better to attend separate rehabs as mentioned above. After treatment, you may attend meetings and therapy as a couple. There will be many relationship issues to work through once you both are sober and in the early days of recovery.

Why may the Relationship End During Couples Rehab?

There are many reasons some would choose to separate once they get clean and sober. One reason is that sometimes the couple may not be on the same page when it comes to the recovery journey. This is why you both must commit to a recovery program, such as:

  • Outpatient therapy
  • NA/AA meetings
  • Couples therapy

If the program isn’t working for both of you, you must make an appointment with your rehab therapist to discuss what other options there are.

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  1. Estelle van der Merwe

    Good day,
    Trust you are doing well? My son and his fiancé are both hooked on Herion. I would like to find out if there is space for them and what it will cost as I am a single parent. Thanking you and have a blessed evening.

    1. Natrishka

      Good Day. Please contact us on 0622770911 to discuss our treatment and cost options

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