Anti-craving Medication for Addiction

Anti-craving Medication for Addiction

Substance abuse treatment plans often include the use of anti-craving medication for addiction. However, many persons with substance use disorder do not realise that there are effective treatments for their condition.

Medication-assisted treatment, and indeed rehabilitation, is not a “one size fits all” endeavour. Everyone’s road to recovery is different. The first step is to think carefully about your alternatives and consult a medical expert to figure out what’s best for your loved ones. Following the course of action that is most beneficial to and helpful for your loved one is the best option.

Anti-craving Medication for Alcohol Abuse

Intense cravings are a common problem for people who have developed an alcohol dependence and are trying to quit drinking. The good news is that there are drugs that may aid in the control of alcohol cravings and the subsequent recovery from alcohol use disorder.

Vivitrol is an injectable medication taken once per month that prevents alcoholics from experiencing the euphoric effects of alcohol. The generic variant comes as a tablet and can be purchased online. Eventually, this medicine lessens cravings by preventing the brain’s reward feedback loop from responding strongly to alcohol.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for substance abuse can help a person get back on track for the rest of their life, allowing them to resume being productive members of society and the loving siblings, spouses, and parents they once were.

It’s common to misunderstand the role of medication in treating addiction

Many conventional treatment plans and step-by-step assistance programmes may portray MAT as nothing more than the replacement of one addictive drug with another. Opioid dependence treatment, however, is no different from the treatment of other chronic diseases like diabetes or asthma. The medicine can be helpful without causing a new addiction if taken as prescribed and in conjunction with counselling.

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    Can Anti-Opiod craving medication be bought over the counter

    1. Ilse

      Good day to you! Unfortunately you cannot get it OTC. The reason for this is that it is risky to self-detox. For more information on detox programmes, contact our addiction specialists at ARCA rehab Johannesburg.

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