Alcohol Rehab Johannesburg

Alcohol Rehab Johannesburg

When you drink alcohol in excess, your body becomes dependent on alcohol in order to function on a day-to-day basis. This condition is known as alcohol addiction, also known as ‘alcoholism,’ ‘alcoholic,’ or ‘alcohol use disorder,’ and it is characterized by excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. While having an occasional alcoholic drink can be a harmless pleasure for many people, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to the development of a harmful addiction.

With years of clinical experience in treating alcohol addiction, our highly qualified treatment team is able to provide you with a wide range of established techniques to help you address your alcohol addiction symptoms while also resolving the underlying causes and triggers of your alcohol addiction. Individuals who seek help from us are placed at the center of their alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation journey, and they are actively involved in any decisions that are made regarding their care. This ensures that you receive a truly collaborative and individualized treatment experience, as well as the most favorable outcomes possible for you as an individual patient. Our non-judgemental, highly compassionate addiction treatment environments provide you with the ideal environment in which to address your challenges and achieve a full and long-lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The opportunity to go through a medically assisted withdrawal detoxification process will be provided to you during private alcohol rehab if this is necessary. You will then go through intensive individual and group addiction therapy to address the source of your addictive behaviors, increase your self-awareness, and begin the process of recovery.

Some of the most notable warning signs of alcohol abuse and addiction are as follows:

  • Starting to consume more alcohol, and doing so more frequently, than had previously been the case
  • Prioritizing drinking over other activities, or choosing activities specifically because they involve drinking, are both examples of risk-taking.
  • Having a drink by yourself
  • Providing false information about your alcohol consumption
  • Experience frequent hangovers that impair your ability to complete daily tasks, including work Experiencing blackouts as a result of excessive alcohol consumption
  • If you have not consumed any alcoholic beverages, you may be irritable or otherwise in a bad mood.
  • Making justifications for why you and/or others should consume alcohol
  • As a result of excessive drinking, people become estranged from their loved ones and friends.
  • experiencing an accident or injury as a result of excessive alcohol consumption
  • Finding it difficult to fall asleep if you haven’t consumed any alcoholic beverages
  • Having others express concern about your drinking habits is a positive experience.
  • regularly exceeding the recommended daily limit of alcoholic beverages
  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol consumption (needing to drink more and more to feel the desired effect)
  • Feeling the desire to consume alcoholic beverages

As an addictive and potentially life-threatening condition, the sooner you can begin to address it, the greater your chances of achieving long-term sobriety will be. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, contact ARCA alcohol rehab Johannesburg right away to discuss your situation and learn about the treatment options available.

Alcohol Rehab in Johannesburg



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