Substance abuse is one of the problems that have continued to affect the health and wealth of our societies. These substances introduce chemicals and other elements into the body, which could potentially harm the body. The toxins pose a significant threat to the user and need to be eliminated or reduced to promote the wellbeing of the user. Therefore, detoxification serves as an essential role in reducing or eliminating the level of harmful chemicals and elements in the body introduced through drug abuse.

The detox process must ideally take place at a registered addictions treatment centre. Most of the South African addiction centres provide in-patient or residential rehab. Further, the concept of detoxification is used in various fields’ including the criminal justice system, health care, rehabilitation centres, and the mental health profession. These sectors have adopted a different definition of that concept, and it is used to promote the agenda of their organization. For that reason, Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) provides a standardized and uniform definition of detoxification encompassing the significant elements of the process. TIP defines detoxification as a set of intervention aimed at clearing toxins from the body of illicit drug users.  The definition does not include the management of acute life-threatening medical complications caused by toxicants in a patient.

Detoxification is closely related to substance abuse treatment but a distinct concept altogether. It aims at reducing the physical harm likely to occur due to excessive substance abuse. Detoxification is also used for palliative care by assisting those who want to abstain from drug abuse or suffering from the disorder. In this case, it helps in preventing the development of complication due to the high level of toxins in the body. On the other hand, substance abuse treatment ‘involves a constellation of ongoing therapeutic services ultimately intended to promote recovery for substance abuse patients.’ Treatment is a comprehensive process that involves the provision of primary health care and psychiatrist services. The process involves contact with professional the healthcare system, including doctors, nurses, caregivers, and social workers.

Detoxification goes through three sequential and crucial steps. Firstly, it involves the evaluation of the situation of the person. It consists of the process of identifying the level of toxins and a determination of the need to reduce the number of substances in the body. This stage of treatment for drug addiction or dependency is a well-managed and medically supervised detoxification process. This can vary in length of time according to the substance involved and how long the patient has been addicted to the specific drug. Secondly, the evaluation is followed by the process of stabilization. TIP explain stabilization as a measure taken to stabilizing calming the situation. The final stage during detoxification involves fostering patient readiness for entry into treatment. This is a crucial phase acts as the link between detoxification and treatment for substance abuse. The process that does not follow these basic guidelines is considered incomplete and inadequate.

Nevertheless, the efforts to provide effective detoxification suffers from numerous challenges. Providers of detoxification services experience difficulties in determining the best approach to foster patient recovery. Complete detoxification should include medical stabilization, withdrawal from drugs and entry into treatment. Besides, the lack of appropriate strategy to develop programs linking detoxification to treatment services. Researchers reveal that about only one-fifth of those who obtained detoxification received treatment. Finally, the detoxification process takes an average of seven days. This is a short time and not sufficient to allow effective treatment and complete withdrawal. Based on the understanding of the process of detoxification, it is clear that it involves more than merely reducing the level of drug elements from the body. Instead, it is a sequential process aimed at lowering drugs from the body and as a link to the treatment of the patient.

While selecting the detox facility, it is very important to exercise care so as to select which best suits the suffering addict needs. The entire quality of care at private drug detox clinics in South Africa is much better than the state-run rehabs. It is therefore essential to comprehend the  basics of the beginning of the addiction recovery process as this will assist you in choosing the best addiction clinic for your loved one’s needs.

The detoxification process often involves the administration of a reducing regime of prescription drugs and needs to be medically supervised for the safety of the patient. The Detox process is central to the start of addiction recovery and treatment. Following a successful detox, the addictions clinic will consider the unique aspects of the patient’s specific addiction and an individualised treatment programme specifically tailored to suit their needs will be negotiated and agreed upon. The majority of the registered addiction rehab facilities in South Africa have adopted the concept of addiction as a disease from which, with proper care and treatment, recovery is possible. In addition to the notion of abstinence from all mood or mind-altering substances, these detox facilities will seek to encourage behavioural changes, changes in attitudes and changes in the addict’s belief systems with a view to improving the addict’s overall way of life.

In conclusion, the addict will comprehend their illness, its impacts and implications on all areas of their lives through drug detoxification and addictions treatment.

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